i-Process range of offerings cover the entire gamut of HR Services, right from Recruitment to Payroll & Compliance. The services offered are built on years of practical experience on the ground, domain knowledge, a process-driven approach, and aptly supported by a management that has a clear vision on quality. One that ensures that every single step is carefully measured, and metrics are in place, so that clients can expect nothing but top-notch quality.

i-Process expertise comes from being highly adherent to processes. A hierarchy that is defined by an open culture that lends itself to knowledge-seeking and building, while staying connected to ground realities, allows the company to create a platform that works best for both clients and for talent.

i-Process follows simple yet highly effective strategies to achieve these goals. Following pre-defined procedures, making sure there are no shortcuts to any process, training people to work under adverse and stressful scenarios, and a culture that encourages people to consult seniors, helps the company to ensure that the system stays on course, at all times.

Smarter Expertise

  • Finding the fastest solution for better Turnarounds
  • Effective Strategies to get things done
  • Following pre-set procedures
  • No shortcuts under any circumstance
  • Complete adherence to process
  • No violations due to pressure scenarios
  • Consulting Top Management for problem-solving